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Plantation shutters for designer wow

Even Rebecca Judd loves our plantation shutters!

If you’re looking for a window covering solution that not only provides great light control and privacy but can also keep the heat out in summer and has definite designer wow, think plantation shutters!

In fact, even fashion and lifestyle blogger rebecca judd thinks so too! She has featured plantation shutters from the blind factory in her latest series of the style school blog with an amazing full home makeover. Make sure you check it out and shop the look!
It’s true these shutters do inspire thoughts of resort living and beachside holidays but they are also quite compatible to almost all décor styles, from contemporary to classic, modern or traditional.

The complete range of custom made timber shutters produced by The Blind Factory is crafted from beautiful basswood, a lightweight timber renowned for its lasting elegance, consistent grain, immense strength and stability, and outstanding resistance to bowing or warping. Depending on the style you are aiming for you can select shutters that are either stained for a natural look or painted in a huge range of fashion colours.

Selecting from different shutter sizes can also give different effects, choose 63mm for a slimline style or 89mm for a more bold statement. There are options for opening and closing these shutters too, a clearview shutter is operated by tilting the shutter blades themselves, or choose a centre tilt-bar which can be a good option to minimise finger prints! As well as fitting almost any size or shape of window, our shutters even fit in with today’s lifestyle of keeping cleaning to an absolute minimum, requiring only an occasional dust over.

Inspired decor solutions for your home or office, outstanding customer service and a world class product range that is second to none on quality and price, all combine to make the blind factory the best supplier of window covering solutions for customers in search of designer quality at factory prices.