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Forget winter, let’s focus on spring

It’s time to think spring clean!

The best way to hurry winter out the door is to start planning for September!

So after you tackle cleaning all your windows (or watch someone clean your windows!), get onto freshening up your blinds and shutters.  As per any furniture or decorating item, by regularly removing surface dust and any particles you reduce the chance of discolouration.  Here are some basic ideas for choosing the right methods.

Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds

  • Remove surface dust with a feather duster or gentle brush
  • For any soils, use a sponge or cloth soaked in warm water using a weak solution of dishwashing detergent. Dry with a soft sponge or cloth.

Timber Venetians

  • Dust should be brushed off at regular intervals using a clean, soft cloth or vacuum cleaner soft brush attachment

Plantation Shutters

  • Remove dust using soft cloth, or try wiping with fingers while wearing cotton gloves, it is an easy way to quickly wipe the blades.

External Awnings

  • Remove any leaves and debris regularly
  • Hose with clean water to remove fine dust and grime
  • Make sure your awning is completely dry before folding away

We also recommend micro fibre cloths which can be bought in the supermarket and are really effective on many blinds but as always, it’s best to trial any cleaning products and methods on a test spot first.

The Blind Factory has the experience and products to suit every home and offer a professional consultation and an industry leading five year warranty. For more information, please call 13 25 46.


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