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Outdoor Window Awnings Online

Applying outdoor awnings to your home is an attractive way to add designer appeal to your façade while protecting your home from the heat of summer and harsh UV rays. The versatility of outdoor window awnings is that you can have them folded back in winter to make the most of the winter sun and easily them extend them in the warmer months.

Outdoor Window Awnings Online - awnings installed on front of brick home

Key Maintenance Tips:

  • Always roll up or retract outdoor awnings in high winds and storms – the leverage exerted can strain fittings and mountings,
  • Avoid rolling up outdoor window awnings when wet,
  • Keep your outside window awnings clean. To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with a soft bristle brush and vacuum off any debris. Occasional hosing may remove dust and some ingrained dirt,
  • Remove any mildew as it appears on the fabric. (Although The Blind Factory outdoor awning fabric is mildew and rot resistant, it can grow on accumulated dirt). Mildew removers are primarily bleach based and manufacturer’s instructions must be followed,
  • Keep vines and shrubs away from the fabric as they may contain acids that are harmful to the fabric,
  • Always use your outdoor awning fully extended and periodically adjust awnings to their fullest extension if they have been in use partly retracted for any length of time.

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