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Block Out Blinds

Need Block Out Blinds for Your Home?

Block out roller blinds provide the ultimate in light, UV and heat control for any room in the house. Their versatility means they can complement most home décor styles, from modern contemporary to classic.

Block out Blinds in the home

Create the Look You’re After

When ordering your block out roller blinds, you can select from a large range of designer fabrics, colours and textures from around the world to create just the right look you’re after. A wide variety of base rail options are available to ensure the overall look of your block out roller blind is perfectly colour coordinated. Your block out roller blind can be spring loaded, chain operated or even motorised for extra easy opening and closing – or go for a dual bracket blinds system that allows you have two independently working blinds on one window to add even greater privacy and view control.

The key features of block out roller blinds are,

  • Completely darken rooms
  • Ideal for home theatres
  • Perfect for bedrooms
  • Create total privacy
  • Protect furniture from UV damage
  • Reduce sun glare on screens and TVs
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain