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Awning Blinds

When it comes to sun protection for your home, most people opt for blinds and awnings to keep homes cool and reduce the reliance on air conditioning. Awning blinds are particularly effective as they reduce the amount of heat from entering your home as well as protecting your floor coverings and furnishings from harsh UV rays which can cause fading and fabric damage.

Materials and Colours

Awnings blinds are available in a large range of canvas prints and plain colours, sun screen or acrylic materials, with different light filtering options such as sheer or block out. Awning blinds can add designer flair to the outside of your home with bold colours or stylish blacks and charcoals.

Free In-Home Consultation

When it comes to advice on blinds and awnings, you should definitely speak to the experts. For awning blinds, you can book a FREE in home consultation directly throughout our website for a solution made just for you.

Awning Windows - External awnings installed on brick home