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Which Security Door is Right For Me?

We’ve all been there. It’s hot and stuffy and you want to leave the front door open to get a breeze going. But that’s just an invitation for crooks to come on in and help themselves to all your things!

If the ads on TV are to be believed, you could install a fancy security door and let in all the air and light you want while still preventing (or at least delaying) someone from sneaking in. Or, you could install Amplimesh® Security and guarantee your home safety for good.


When it comes to choosing the right security door for your home, it’s important to know why you want or need the security door, and that why one of the very first questions to ask is “What is the main purpose for your security door?”

This question helps you to ascertain which Security or Screen Door is going to be the most useful and best fit for your home

For example, if your main objective with a Security Door is “Clarity, Airflow and Security”, then an Amplimesh SupaScreen® Security Door would be your best option due to the woven nature of the 316 marine grade stainless steel allows for super high clarity (2-Way Vision), exceptional air flow and ultra high security (due to its high-tensile strength and construction method). Security screen doors from The Blind Factory

The new Intrudaguard® Screen is made from perforated marine grade aluminium which is also extremely durable and corrosion resistant. In addition to its strength features, it’s contemporary look complements most home decors and style.

IntrudaGuard® Security Doors are Amplimesh’s “little brother”. New to the Australian Security Door Market, they boast impressive air flow and clarity characteristics, as well as maintaining high levels of security, but at a more affordable price point.

All Amplimesh® Security Screens are rigorously tested, meeting and exceeding a number of relevant Australian and Industry standards.

With 50 years experience and over two million installations Australia wide, Amplimesh® Doors are the highest performing security doors on the market today.




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