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Roller blinds – how much do they cost?

Roller blinds can be a very cost effective window covering solution for your home.

They are suited to pretty much every décor style from modern contemporary to classic.

There are so many options to choose from, so the cost of roller blinds really does depend on what you are hoping to achieve. A few considerations that that can affect the costs involved are,

  • Size and number of windows in your home
  • Choice of fabric, sheer, translucent, block out, colour range
  • Operating system – manual or motorised solutions
  • Mounting style – recessed or in front of your window

If you have a strict budget it may be worth considering doing a few windows at a time or mix and match a few styles, that way you are spreading out the roller blinds cost for a more affordable solution. We can generally work within your budget, so why not book a FREE in home consultation directly throughout our website for a solution customised just for you.