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Getting your home ready for sale

When you make the decision to sell your home, your real estate agent will tell you to prepare it for sale, because even the attention to smallest detail can result in extra thousands in your pocket.

But, they don’t mean a total renovation, more like a refresh! Here are our 5 tips to sprucing up your home to catch the eye of prospective buyers.

1. Project clean up
Extra clutter around your home, or piles of possessions, can give buyers the impression that the home lacks storage, or can make it feel smaller. Now is the perfect time to be brutal and totally de-clutter your home, potentially hiring a skip to remove unwanted items. Consider getting professional cleaners in for a total refresh from top to toe, which can make the whole preparation task seem less daunting.

2. Fix it up
Now is not the time to add extra rooms to your home, but rather smaller aesthetic projects, such as fresh paint, repair broken lights and holes in walls. Clean up the yard and create defined garden beds with fresh flowering plants and consider replacing tired curtains with fresh new plantation shutters for a timeless contemporary style.

3. Buyers’ style
Some agents will offer a free stylist advice service, which you should definitely take up. A stylist will give you tips on how to arrange rooms to maximise buyer appeal, such as arranging furniture in bedrooms to give them a large appearance or how to create a study nook within a room. It’s important to remember this advice is directed to get you a higher sale price and shouldn’t be taken personally!

4. Hire it
Hiring specific furniture pieces, décor items and artwork is a great alternative to buying, especially when these items may not even work in your new home! Even indoor greenery is worth a look, rather than making the investment. Make sure your insurance policy can cover these borrowed items in the case of damage or theft.

5. In between inspections
Once you have your home looking shiney and new, you will need to work out some processes to keeping it looking this good, while still managing busy family life. Buying tubs that can easily take all the items off benches or dumping areas, and stored in the car, for quick getaways is a good idea. Also, create a ‘leave the house’ to-do list detailing everything that needs to be done the morning of an inspections, so as not to leave any important task un-done.

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