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Smart Homes for savvy homeowners

Smart homes are definitely the talk of the town right now, and they aren’t referring to the IQ of the residents!

Smart homes make the most of technology to remotely and intuitively control the living environment, to not only ensure life is comfortable but to also potentially save money. While a lot of new homes have a few smart-devices integrated, there are lots of options to upgrade established homes too.

Entertainment systems

While the home theatre set up has been around for a long time, the new evolution of this is to enable multiple entertainment zones and areas within your home. Movie streaming doesn’t have to be reserved to one TV, but enjoyed throughout the home. Additionally, there’s no need to miss out on your favourite song, or have to wear head phones around the house with the ability to stream audio throughout all rooms, or have it intuitively follow you around the house.


Smart security systems involve your cameras and sensors connected to your home Wi-Fi network, which means you can control and view footage remotely using an ‘app’ on a smartphone or tablet. They can even allow you to answer visitors, making it appear that you are home, but you are talking to them from work or a café etc.

Comfortable environment

On the way home from work, a simple touch of your smartphone or tablet can open or close your blinds, just as it can turn on the lights, heater or air-conditioner. No longer is this feature restricted to the rich and famous – motorisation and home automation have become an affordable addition to new and old homes of all scales.

Lighting systems

With smart integrated lighting systems, you can not only remotely control, or set intuitively based on conditions, when lights turn on and off, but also the control the light bulb colour and intensity. Either set this up independently, or have it looping in with your window coverings and heating and cooling for the complete intelligent solution.